Store Policy

My principles

My brand LEY is based on some principles.

I only sell products I am completely satisfied with and find suitable for the style of my brand.

Constantly improving and evolving, is also super important to me and constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms.

When ordering personalized products you need to know the following:

- I do not sell products with text on (except for my brand name). 

- The only symbols used in my work, are symbols I feel comfortable with using in connection with my brand. 

- I do not copy other's artwork. I can find inspiration from other's work, but if that is the case, it will always have my own artistic spin on it. 

- I only agree to painting artworks that I personally think will look beautiful and stylish. If I don't find your idea suitable for my brand, we may be able to brainstorm new ones or find a way to meet on the middle. 

Thank you for taking this in consideration, before ordering your product. <3


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