About LEY

The brand and the woman behind it

My brand was born in an intersection between my love for style and my love for art. By experimenting with the combination of the two, I found a way to create something unique. Something expressive. Something fashionable. 

I have loved painting since I was little and growing up I would do it with my grandmother who worked for the theater and has been an art teacher for many years. She taught me all the basics of painting. And thanks to this inspiring woman, I now feel confident and patient when painting. Today, I always find peace when listening to some good ol' jazz and painting whatever comes to mind. My love and passion for creating  fashionable art, is what keeps this business alive.

My work on this brand shows a big variation of what I enjoy painting. I have made line art, romantic landscapes, some raw and detailed artwork and much more.

For me art is a way to express perspective, and style a way to express identity.

And they go hand in hand.


To order a product specifically made for you, go to the page 'personalized order' in top menu.




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On my Instagram you can see all my earlier work, happy costumers and contact me about anything. By giving it a follow and spreading the word through social media, you are supporting a small upcoming business, helping me get noticed and turning my dreams to reality.


Practical information

Buying clothes

On this site you can buy clothes I have already made or place orders so I can make clothes specifically for you. Every clothing item is uniquely made and there is only one of each in the world.

If you would like a personalized product specifically made for your size and wishes, go to 'Personalized order' or send me a Direct Message on Instagram: @ley.clothing or @leya364

Washing clothes

To maintain the good quality of the paint, it is recommended to turn the LEY  clothing item inside out before putting it in washing machine. Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees celcius. 

Payment method

Payments happen with credit card on this site or via MobilePay.


Shipping is possible at own expence. The prize of shipping the goods, will be added to the overall cost. If you are in Copenhagen a dropoff or meetup can be arranged for free.

You can find more information on the different pages, but you are also welcome to contact me below, if you have any further questions.


Contact me

Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, I'm happy to help.


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